Talent Acquisition, Development and Retention

Human resources departments are working with stretched budgets. Yet employees want more than ever before from their companies. Your most talented, ambitious & productive employees are even more demanding. Yet research shows that the top 20% of your employees generate 80% or more of your company’s value. How can you keep them happy when that is so critical to your business’s success? Many of them are irreplaceable. And if they do leave you, it’ll cost your business dearly. Here are some actionable insights on what you can do to prevent losing your top talent.

Mid-Career women leaving  companies is at epidemic levels, says Mckinsey

When Mintago conducted our own independent research, we found this to be true. Your best female employees are in danger of leaving you. Yet we also discovered that it can be surprisingly simple to fix the problem if you have the correct information and approach. Mintago provides the types of benefits that will ensure they stay with you, from Childcare Salary Sacrifice to Grocery Salary Sacrifice and much more. Avoid losing your top female executives – read this report now.

Retain & attract top talent with financial wellbeing

Of employees have lost sleep due to financial concerns

Of employees worry about their future financial situation worsening

Supporting Employees

Stand out from the competition by offering a one-of-a-kind solution for your employees. This is not your average benefits package but will make all the difference. Your employees are struggling with a range of issues, from burnout to the Cost of Living Crisis. Find out how employees expect support for a range of factors from mental health to financial fitness. Read our guide on Financial Wellbeing for the 21st Century.

Increase team productivity

Improve workplace productivity by providing access to free financial advisers. Your employees will receive valuable guidance and advice on any financial concern for their specific situation.

    Provide great benefits

    Support your employees with effective benefits to help them reduce costs and improve their financial wellbeing. Enable your team to save money where possible to reduce financial stress. 

    Trusted by companies saving thousands each year

    Support your employees today

    Excellent service.

    Our implementation was not an easy one due to the way that our original pension scheme had previously been set up. However, Mintago went above and beyond to help me sort this out and checked to make sure that everything was working correctly before leaving.

    Lynda R.

    SIS Pitches

    Super impressed with Mintago’s Pension Hunting service, which has been a fantastic resource for our entire team, who have found a LOT of lost pension pots. The pension dashboard and app have helped employees feel more in control of their finances and plan effectively for retirement. I’d recommend Mintago to any business who wants to support employee financial wellbeing!

    Saasha C.


    Financial wellbeing is what employees are asking for now. With the cost-of-living crisis and other challenges, we can help you support your employees.