All-in-one financial wellbeing for your team

Help your employees do more with their money with mix and match benefits, tailored to their needs

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Reduce staff turnover

Provide your staff with a complete financial solution so they are financially healthier and stay longer.

Smart savings for all

Easily upgrade to salary sacrifice pensions and save thousands. Access a full range of financial solutions and savings.

Being the employer of choice

Attract the best talent and support them with financial benefits that are impactful to their personal and work life.

Mintago offers a comprehensive list of employee benefits, including Salary Sacrifice and retail savings.

Save on Childcare Costs

The Childcare Salary Sacrifice Scheme enables your employees to save a minimum of 30% of their childcare costs, helping reduce stress and increase their free time.

Save Big on Groceries

The Grocery Salary Sacrifice Scheme helps your employees save money on their groceries, with this being one of people’s largest expenses, especially due to the rising cost of living.


Electric Vehicle

Car Maintenance





Buy/Sell Annual Leave


Mintago supports your team across all life stages

Cost of living support

Getting out of debt

Living month to month

Saving for a house

Paying for emergencies

Having a baby or adopting

Understanding taxes

Supporting ageing parents

Planning retirement

Mintago for employers

We help employers retain and attract employees with the best financial wellbeing solution.

Smart savings

If you do not already have salary sacrifice pension, we can help you save thousands on NIC. Access direct savings for your staff.

Most impactful

Our unbiased and holistic financial wellbeing solution solves all financial needs and improves mental health.

Most Inclusive

Our solution is designed to support your employees of all socioeconomic backgrounds, so no one is left behind. 

Platform Solutions

Retain Staff

Help employees overcome financial worries and challenges – they will appreciate you as an employer and stay longer.

You can customise Mintago so your corporate brand shines through. Upload your other benefits to your Mintago dashboard and more!
Easy Management
With our employer portal, you can easily manage joiners and leavers, run reports and more.
Attract New Staff

Let us help you showcase that you are the employer of choice. Financial wellbeing is one of the most requested benefits.

Actionable Insights
We can provide you with insights into how your staff are using Mintago and how you can further engage and motivate them.
Everything You Need
The UK’s most complete and inclusive financial wellbeing solution, here for you. We build and partner as needed so you don’t need to.
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Mintago for employees

Employees are looking for trusted and unbiased solutions supported by the employer

Easy to use

Our simple and comprehensive approach to financial wellbeing is designed for people of all demographics and abilities.


Unlike many solutions in the market, we do not sell products to your staff, so we are completely aligned with your needs.


Employees can rest assured that all their worries, questions and needs can be addressed and supported.

Tool Features

Mintago Platform
Financial Experts

Get introduced to your own financial expert. It’s free and from our trusted network of experts. Ask us anything and we can help.

Full Pension Control
Nowhere else can you find all your past pensions, contribute to your current pension and confidently plan how much you can retire on.
Savings & Support
We can help you navigate the cost of living crisis with savings and support from our network of trusted partners. Save thousands with us.
Money Helper AI

Our powerful, yet intuitive helper allows you to quickly find answers and connect with experts for all your immediate and future financial needs.

Our financial journeys let’s you access financial knowledge in a fast and effective way. Get your goal faster with confidence, without the jargon.
Always Helpful
Whether it’s an emergency or general tasks, we are here for you. Use our app, online support or direct access to an expert anytime you need us.

Mintago for partners

Provide a better service for your clients by helping them find lost pots.


Hunt lost pension pots on behalf of your clients with one simple click. 


Provide your clients with direct access to Mintago on a self-serve basis as a value-added service by your business.


Partner with us to have our pension hunter become part of your suite of services.

Support your employees today

Financial wellbeing is what employees are asking for now. With the cost-of-living crisis and other challenges, we can help you support your employees.