Mintago features in Startups Magazine

Mintago has been featured in an article written by Chieu Cao, CEO and Founder of Mintago, for Startups Magazine. The article focuses on the issue of lost pension pots and different ways to track them down. 

With the current estimated value of forgotten pension funds in the UK totalling £19 billion, employees are leaving hard-earned money on the table which causes financial stress. With rising inflation, energy bills and food prices, many people are struggling financially and need to make the most of their money including their pension, with this being one of many people’s largest assets. More needs to be done to support employees in tracing lost pension pots to improve their financial wellbeing and optimise their ultimate retirement fund. 

Read the full article to benefit from Mintago’s research insights and find out more about the different pension hunting tools available, including the government Pension Tracing Service and Mintago’s Pension Hunter technology.