Chieu Cao, CEO & Founder at Mintago, quoted in Mortgage Introducer

Chieu Cao, CEO and Founder at Mintago, has been quoted among other industry experts in an article published by Mortgage Introducer. The report covers the topic of rising UK inflation with concerns that increases will continue to happen before a change occurs. 

Inflation leapt to a 10.1% annual increase in July despite the forecast leap to 9.8%. This growth represents a 40-year high with the previous figure of 8.4% recorded in March 1992 during the early 1990s recession. Alongside this, The Bank of England’s base rate increased by 0.50% to 1.75% in early August 2022 in an attempt to mitigate rising prices. Chieu Cao has commented that conditions are likely to become worse before improving, and has urged employers to focus on supporting their employees to ease the financial burden experienced due to the cost of living crisis. 

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