CIPHR partners with Mintago to offer integrated financial wellbeing solutions

Originally published on on January 13, 2021

CIPHR, a leading UK provider of SaaS HCM solutions, has partnered with Mintago! The partnership will see Mintago’s financial wellbeing expertise combined with CIPHR’s human resources skills, offering an overall stellar service to employees. With the recent emphasis on overall staff wellbeing, what better time for a partnership such as this one to forge. Read the article published by CIPHR below to learn more about this exciting partnership and what it means. 

The new partnership gives CIPHR customers the ability to integrate with Mintago, a trusted partner specialising in financial wellbeing

CIPHR, a leading UK provider of SaaS HCM solutions, has today (13 January 2021) announced a new partnership with Mintago, which offers financial wellbeing and support that works for all your employees. CIPHR now offers customers even more integration choices as part of CIPHR Connect – its HCM platform, complete with an ecosystem of trusted partners.

Matt Russell, chief commercial officer at CIPHR, commented: “We’re really happy to be partnering with Mintago who addresses financial wellbeing which is a huge area of focus for HR right now.

“I know that HR teams love this exciting new proposition, enabling employees to better manage and take control of their finances, leading to a more content and engaged workforce.”

Financial wellbeing and health are some of the most influential and important aspects of your employees’ life, so fully supporting them will drive the biggest gains for both your employees and your organisation.

Mintago provides unbiased financial wellbeing guidance and market-leading tools that help all your employees regardless of their life stage or financial situation. So, whether it’s pensions, mortgages, or clearing debt, the holistic nature of Mintago means none of your colleagues fall through the cracks.

Mintago has many great features. Highlights include a financial hub, which gives employees a single, unified view of their financial position, a pension hunter, to find all the details of your employees’ old pensions, and financial planning tools to help employees plan, save and spend their money on what truly matters.

As well as more financially resilient and happier staff, you can host your existing benefits to increase engagement with what you already offer. Mintago gives you access to a dedicated portal, for improved visibility of all your benefits.

Mintago CEO and founder Chieu Cao added: “There’s a huge demand for supporting employees directly, holistically, and in an unbiased manner. All employees are individuals, and there is no one-size-fits-all financial plan for them. Mintago approaches financial wellbeing through this employee-centric and accessible lens that is focused on guided journeys and practical tools.

“We aim to cut through the noise and bridge the gap across financial wellbeing – this guarantees higher uptake and opting in of benefits.”

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