Assess your company’s financial health today (for free!)

At Mintago, we know that as the workplace becomes harder to define, it can be a challenge to understand the ongoing issues your employees are facing. 

Understanding the financial health of your employees will give you the all important information you require to best meet the needs of your people, particularly through this time of financial uncertainty. 

Our financial health assessment has been designed with academics to give employees the knowledge to better navigate these challenges and empower them to make better, more informed financial decisions. 

We are offering the assessment completely free of charge, to help companies start the journey towards sustainable, meaningful change in the workplace. 

Neglecting the financial wellbeing of your staff is something that could be silently costing your business thousands. By providing the valuable support your people need, your business will benefit through reduced absenteeism, increased retention, productivity and employee happiness. 

How does the assessment work? 

Assessing the financial health of your employees enables you to understand what impact the individual values and financial concerns have on the overall health of your staff. The innovative assessment, based on behavioural science, gives you a consolidated insight into your people, ultimately enabling you to benchmark the financial health and overall wellbeing of the team. 

Sign up below and one of the Mintago team will reach out with all the information you need to get started. The assessment is a simple two step process: 

Step 1. Online financial assessment – firstly, we will anonymously and securely assess each employee across these areas: 

  • Financial goals
  • Current financial situation
  • Attitudes towards money
  • Personal values
  • Money worries 

Step 2. Consolidated employer report – employers will receive a comprehensive, anonymous report detailing the goals and issues across the team. The information can also be used to build an effective financial wellbeing strategy as well as drive positive changes within the workplace.  

The report will help you identify (amongst many other things): 

  • How the current financial health of your employees is impacting your business
  • The financial status score of your employees and how this impacts productivity in the workplace
  • Employee pain points and where they need support

These data driven insights will allow you to build a really detailed picture of what wellbeing currently looks like across your company. Sign up here today. 

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