Mintago features in Global Banking & Finance Review

 Mintago has been featured in an article written by Chieu Cao, CEO and Founder of Mintago, for Global Banking & Finance Review. The article focuses on the importance of pension engagement in the workplace, how better engagement can be promoted, and more.

Alarmingly, there is currently over £26.6B in lost pension pots in the UK. Many people change employers and do not know how to transfer their funds with them. Furthermore, Mintago’s research shows that 46% of UK adults want their employers to do more to boost staff participation in pension plans, highlighting the importance of employers’ role in this.

Read the complete article to find out more about the causes of a lack of pension engagement, and what you can do to support your employees in improving this.

By Mintago Team

Mintago is an FCA regulated company that helps businesses save on their workplace pension NI costs and improves the financial wellbeing of their employees. For the employer, Mintago provides a salary sacrifice pension hassle-free implementation program which creates direct savings on monthly (National Insurance) NI payments. We manage the whole process including communication, compliance and ongoing management. No need to switch pension provider, either. For the employee, Mintago’s unique financial wellbeing platform helps find lost pensions quickly, manage employee pension contributions, while helping them understand their financial situation with over 1,000 pieces of content.

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