Chieu Cao, CEO & Founder at Mintago, quoted in The National

Chieu Cao has been quoted in an article released by The National discussing the rise in Bank of England interest rates to 1.25% from 1%, with this being the highest level reached since January 2009. 

With inflation currently sitting at 9% and expected to reach over 11% later this year, Chieu Cao has expressed the financial implications that the increase in interest rates will have on UK citizens who are already struggling to make ends meet. Mintago’s latest research discovered that 72% of UK employees working full time are prioritising immediate financial commitments such as mortgages and utility bills over long-term financial goals. Employees are not able to save money as they are often having to live paycheck to paycheck. 

Take a look at the full article to learn more about this important subject and read comments from industry experts.

By Mintago Team

Mintago is an FCA regulated company that helps businesses save on their workplace pension NI costs and improves the financial wellbeing of their employees. For the employer, Mintago provides a salary sacrifice pension hassle-free implementation program which creates direct savings on monthly (National Insurance) NI payments. We manage the whole process including communication, compliance and ongoing management. No need to switch pension provider, either. For the employee, Mintago’s unique financial wellbeing platform helps find lost pensions quickly, manage employee pension contributions, while helping them understand their financial situation with over 1,000 pieces of content.

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